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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 14, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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battling a massive fire near downtown a short time ago. they seem to be making progress? the fire is burning. can you see fires have up their ladder dousing the building to get the upper hand on the fire. things have calmed down from an hour ago when it broke out. this is three-alarm fire. it is burning at north san near downtown san jose starting an hour ago. they have side streets near the fire closed to traffic. you can see the flames and how big it was. we have not received reports of injuries. we know these are old warehouses. most of them are abandoned. we do not know if there was anyone inside or a business
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using it. firefighters hope to let us know later today. again, the fire is still burning. firefighters still are trying to get this under developing news: police are looking for the gunman in a shooting that left a man dead and two wounded in richmond. police responded to flem officer after patrol officers heard shots. a man was found dead and two victims are in critical but stable conditions. homicide investigators are searching for the shatter or shooters and the motive. >> oakland police are looking foes thieves who stole wallets from a man lying unconscious in the street and another who tried to help in oakland yesterday morning at 8th. 25-year-old gregory lowry was riding a bicycle to a health clinic and he suffered a brain injury and protecten bones.
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the 81-year-old driver tried to help witnesses say thieves went through his pickup and stole his wallet while another group stole lowry's wallet. >> it was horrible. he never moved. the man never moved. >> ridiculous. a person is injured. a man hit this individual. he is scared. it is bad. it is bad. >> his mother says her son is in critical condition with a brain injury, a broken hip and damaged organize begans. >> oakland police are investigating after two bodies were found last night. police discovered the bodies at a homeless encampment under the 580 overpass. officers were at the scene hours conducting the investigation. they do not suspect foul play. police are not releasing any other details. an armored police vehicle will be part of the santa cruz police force.
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yesterday protesters gathered outside city hall to vis -- voice their opposition. a $250,000 federal government has been accepted. it will help with rescues and evacuation and protect officers. and say the presence during protest would fuel any conflict. >> this vehicle would prepare a different kind of policing than santa cruz wants. >> this vehicle is a tool for the police department. it provides better service to the community. >> the santa cruz police department will receive the armored vehicle by the end of the year. al-qaeda leader in yemen is now claiming responsibility for the attack on "charlie hebdo" in a video posted. they say they planned and financed the massacre in vengeance for the prophet.
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the latest newspaper sold out if a party of hours with people standing in long lines to get their hands on a copy. some limited customers to one copy of the magazine which features a crying prophet mohammed on the cover. the usual circulation was publicked from 40,000 to five million copies. they have turned you on ebay this morning for $500 a copy. lawyers for accused boston best boston suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev are asking a federal judge to stop jury selection because of the recent attacks in trans. the lawyers want to delay the selection for a month because the jury pool has been tainted by coverage of the attacks in france. some say the defense can ask for a change of veteran sue but -- venue but it would be hard to select a location where he would get a fair trail. >> there is unprecedented rock chime that could end successfully today in yosemite national park.
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jorgeson and caldwell are free climbing el capitan using only ropes to climb 3,000' straight up and it has never been done before. the wall is layered with piercing rocks. the climbers hope to finish the climb later today. our reporter will have the latest on the amazing climate the top of hour. possible lot to kill house speaker boehner. investigators are calling the suspect, 44-year-old michael hoyt deeply troubled and dangerous. the former bartender served drinks to speaker boehner for years at a country club in the home state of he. he -- state of ohio. he was fired in october and he called sunday snap say he wanted to poison or shoot speaker boehner saying speaker boehner was mean to him and called him devil. he is under going a psychiatric evaluation. he faces up to 30 years in
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prison. bobcats are dying near the uc campus three in the past few months. the cause could be something many have their home. our reporter has the story. it is tell. terrible. we have for areas and years loved seeing the bobcat. >> he found two of the three but one involving a female bobcat dying near her kitten waspily -- waspily heartbreaking. >> the young kitten was trying to get close to the mother and perhaps, not letting go. it was very sad. >> to cat was it by a car last month. all three bobcats had rat poison if their systems experts believe that someone living near is using the poison to get rid of rodents which are then being eaten by the bobcats. >> it is a cheap shot and it does so much damage. >> emergency services was called each time the cats were found.
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two of the cats were hit by cars the company director thinks the poison played a major role if their deaths. >> maybe they can have survived if they not pleading out already from the poison. >> this is only sold to pest control companies so does the department of fish and wildlife are worried about what is happening. >> it is...a few cats high concentrations and small amounts of time and a tight area. >> scientists will do public outreach to let people know of the effects of the >> dublin and san ramon water customers went above and beyond the call of convocation cut of the officials say customers cut back on their water use by 24 percent in 2014 beating the
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goal of the governor of 20 percent reduction. something that helps the effort was requiring construction sites to use recycles water for dust control. however, more may be necessary because of low reservoirs and mountain snow pack and the fact we just do not have any rain since we had the rainfalls in december. >> what we have gotten a lot of recently is fog. mike? >> it is out there. the tule fog. it will come through the delta and video and the bay this morning. so far the heaviest hit area is our reporting station in concord at less than quarter-mile visibility and same in fairfield. 12 and 101, those areas and 80 all impacted by patchy fog. bay point. pittsburg. antioch. brentwood. discovery bay. all are very foggy this morning. temperatures are 38 in san
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ramon. clear right now. the fog will form in the north bay with the dry air and temperatures are in the upper 30's and 39 in los gatos and low 40's around san jose and fremont and mountain view and money 40's in san carlos and hayward and oakland and half moon bay. 50 in san francisco. an area socked in by fog is san jose. 38 to tricks is -- 46 is the raping. the next 12 hours low 60s at noon mid-60 at 4:00 and cooler this evening. san mateo bridge is socked in bying for. just hazy this morning. temperatures in the low-to-mid 60 through saturday. and dry. >> the golden gate bridge is lacking clear. not too much traffic. moving crass interest san francisco heading from the northbound direction and marin, it is looking clear. we have a closing until 5 o'clock with construction so try to avoid this area only until 5
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o'clock. the rest of the drive headed through oakland, it is clear along 880 to the maze and drive time traffic 580 westbound real estates address is 25 minutes and highway 4 antioch to concord is 14 minutes and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is clear at 17 minutes. next, be prepared for protesters at a san francisco bart station this week. we will tell you why. >> also lost and found, a rockstar helped a local man recover his stolen dog. >> a look at the bay bridge toll plaza moving along.
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>> covering santa rosa berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 4:43 on wednesday morning. a look at beautiful downtown san francisco with the lights sprinkling. we are checking the traffic situation. we are keeping track of a fire a warehouse fire in san jose. a lot of fire equipment is working to put it out. we have a reporter on the scene. breaking news from the international space station where a toxic ammonia leak is reported in the american section of the laboratory. the russian space age says all crew members are safe. the concentration of ammonia is "acceptable," levels and american astronauts taking refuge in the russian section. nasa officials say they will
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release a statement on the situation shortly. new details of the number of undocumented california immigrants issued driver's licenses and the department of motorcycle vehicles says 10,000 listens were issued to eligible applicants since january 2 when the bill allowing up documented immigrants to apply was implemented. the dmv expected 1.5 million in california to apply for licenses the first three years. the law is aimed to make roads safer. >> a rest is planned on friday at a bart station in san francisco that could cause a problem in the commute protesting at montgomery street to get charges drop against activists who halted service back in november at the bart. they were protest the police shooting of missouri teen michael brown. the activists were charged with misdemeanor trespassing. according to facebook, the protest will begin at 7:00 am.
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>> oakland's response to an occupy protest three years ago is going to cost the city $1 million. yesterday a federal judge approved a settlement of a lawsuit filed by protesters who were arrested by police outside the downtown ymca in 12 it will. hundreds were arrested including reporters and bystanders and some were held for three days in jail. the judge granted the case class action status to 400 people were split the $1 million settlement. >> man is reunited with a dog thanks to media and a rockstar stole by melissa perna of san francisco. here is the story. >> david maker and his beloved come patch beyond "mochi" are reunited after searching. >> a pleasure. it was so shocking. >> on saturday, david was sleeping if his apartment and a thief broke in downstairs and made off with a boy a backpack
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and "mochi" and we in the she ran away but we saw footage of the woman taking my dog. >> cameras at the business caught this, a woman with a backpack walking two bicycles and a dog minutes after the burglary. police were called and friends got to work making sure pictures of "mochi" and the suspect would be seen. >> we got groups together and posted on social media. posts went viral and billy joel armstrong reposted on his account with 400,000 followers. >> it is crazy to see how far the word can spread and how much people want to help. >> on monday someone would heard of "mochi" spotted the suspect walking a dog matching the 2-year-old pit bull's description near the tenderloin police station and alerted officers. though arrested the 31-year-old melissa perna on suspicion of burglary and theft. david says thank you to all.
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>> every part helps. i have mying do back. that is most important. diagnosissing do is fine and happy to be home. glad "mochi" is back with her owner. and the rain? we are not getting it. >> there are possible sprinkles but that is mostly on friday. other than that there is no rain on the way. good morning everyone, fog is the big story. the my operation is through the valley and to the delta and turning at richmond and coming to the bay through the morning commute. the bridges are going to be the most affected and the richmond and san rafael and then the bay bridge will be most affected with the winds blowing toward the coast from 3-6 miles per hour. look how much fog we have gotten
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in the last 15 americans -- minutes in walnut creek and down 680 that could fill in the san ramon valley and make its way to livermore. bit afternoon hours we will have sunshine and warmer-than-average highs. sprinkles are possible. the front clips the north bay on friday. we will have high clouds and weekend sunshine and temperatures staying in this range the spare seven-day forecast. low-to-mid 60's which is warmer than average. you can see the fog reforming and coming become through the delta tonight and making its way and the north bay and possibly around into the east bay. it will be cool again with upper 30's to low 40's inland valleys and low-to-mid 40's for most of the bay shore until you get to san francisco at 48 degrees. the high pressure now has a
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friend in washington and oregon and look how big the present is with the southern tip trying to move into the bay area on friday. it will not have any moisture. the mild pattern continues. it is coming in on friday and get close to sonoma county and saturday it retreats to the north and by sunday it is staying up across the oregon border and by monday it it is again. low-to-mid 60's with increasing clouds friday interest saturday and sunday and next week, let 60's with that pattern continuing. >> now the traffic on the bay bridge toll plaza you can see we expect to see fog later this morning. so far it is clear. traffic is clear but we have a few cashpayers blocking the last hand lane and slowing things
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down. the rest of the bay area is clear. in san jose we are on the scene of a warehouse fire with trash control so avoid this general area off of 87 neither downtown san jose. at millbrae southbound 101 we have construction at millbrae avenue and broadway lanes are closed until 5:00. you could see cones being picked up. slow if the cone zone. >> google programs have a tool to translate your hand written words into typed text. the translation app recognizes text you have handwritten and welcomes for 50 languages google says the app is especially helpful in languages with complicated alphabets or
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doctor's scribbles. >> dreaming of striking it rich? two jackpots up for grabs this week. >> special supplies -- surprise for tourists: where globetrotters showed up. >> nominations for the oscar station start at 9:30 a.m. and we will stream them on-line at
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>> ben & jerry's has three new
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creations and tasty news for cookie lovers. the combinations includes and mocha and chocolate cookies and flung flakes and a khaki core and peanut butta, peanut butter everything with cookie core of peanut butter and dark char mel and vanilla ice cream with special cookies that are spiced shortbread biscuits. >> speaking to me. >> the mega millions is getting bigger, no one held $246 million winning ticket last night in the drawing. >> 12, 20, 25, was 7. the draw on friday is $270 million jackpot. and tonight the powerball is
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$176 million. >> whoa. what would you do if you won? >> give it all away. you. eric. leyla gulen. >> tell us really. >> and joey is saying, what about me? >> good morning, everyone. satellite shows temperatures with preliminary temperatures each month and for the earth the northern hemisphere and trip ins and southern hemisphere everything was half a degree warmer-than-average if december. central valley socked in with fog until 10:00 in the southern section and 11 o'clock headed out to sacramento and low-to-mid 60's through here and low-to-mid 70s in southern california and 50 in lake tahoe. >> can i get that in writing, please mike? >> sure. san rafael along 101 you can see traveling in southbound direction tail lights are
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looking clear with no fog at the golden gate bridge and all is moving along without any problems and a new barrier holding strong. 101 headed out of san francisco to the airport and traveling to sfo, ten minutes gets you through and northbound 880 238 to the maze to the east bay is 13 minutes. and 101 from highway 85 to the san jose airport is 11 minutes. you never know what you will find around the next corner and that is the case for a bus full of people in san francisco. after someone asked the bus driver to take a quick detour. now you see why. it turns out the man used to be a harlem globe trotter and he held this unusual practice on lombard street. tourists checked out the most famous landmarks were surprised. the globe trotters are back for shows on friday and saturday in
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san jose and oakland. >> a special gift at oakland elementary school was music to the students' ears. national endowment for the arts chairperson visited the purple silk music education program a nonprofit that helps children gain arushation of music from all cultures through instruction in traditional chinese instruments. >> children have the opportunity to participate that gives an avenue of investigation and vitality they can create for their families and those who want to participate it helps all of the community. >> purple silk music welcomes all children would want to study chinese and world music and offers classes every saturday in oakland at the college. >> next at 5:00 a.m., we
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continue to not breaking news in the south bay with the latest on the fire burning in san jose. a report from the scene. >> unprecedented claim is increasely over when two climbers reach the top of el capitan at yosemite. >> you are looking at pictures of interstate 80 through berkeley and is not the volume you will see later in the morning. it will be packed. things are getting through now. ♪
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